From the Presidents Desk

Dear Ladies

It is indeed a privilege and a humbling honour to greet all the Baptist women of South Africa in the name of Him who alone is Divine.

I am grateful for the Word of God that exhorts us to live godly lives. The great thing about it is that we do not need to do it on our own...His Divine power has given us everything we need to do this through the knowledge of Christ...2Peter 1:3.
During my tenure, I will be encouraging us to trust, what I have termed "Divine Treasures", as we desire to live godly lives.

When we acknowledge that God alone is Divine and the power displayed within and through this Divineness, we will be motivated and spurred on to be godly.
As an individual, a daughter of the Most High, our greatest desire must be to please Him and strive each day for godliness. Godliness encompasses trust and trusting is never easy. It involves waiting, hoping and believing.  We have these divine treasures and I encourage us to dig into these treasures....Divine Care, Ownership, Favour, Leadership, Direction, Guidance, Compassion, Helper, Protection, Deliverer, Control, and Presence........... Be confident that what God did for the Israelites in the wilderness, He can display in our personal lives too. These treasures were evident on their journey and so they can be on our very own journey to godliness.

Corporately, as a Women’s Department we have an amazing responsibility and privilege to go beyond ourselves to spread the gospel and grow the ministry. Our core values speak volumes – valuing the absolute authority of God’s Word, recognising the power of prayer, being committed to the Great Commission and valuing excellence in ministry.  How awesome to have these at the centre of our heart.  My prayer for those in leadership in their areas is that they would live these values and promote it amply. We do not just want to be known but we want to make an impact in the lives of women. These values, when active within and lived out, will do just that.
Our various ministries. Bible Way, Women Equip, Manse Fund Ministry, Pastor’s Wives Ministry, Missions, LACE, Hidden Treasure Shops....our desired result is souls for Jesus and excellence in ministry.

Thank you in anticipation to all who will put their hands to the plough in nurturing these amazing ministries and ultimately blessing and enriching our Women's Department.
To all our Baptist Women......Forward onto victory in the Divine Name of our Lord.
Be assured of my prayers for all and I value your prayers as we together serve our Master.
Yours in the Masters Service

Juliana Dreyer


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