Oil of gladness instead of mourning

OUR LOVING LORD BRINGS HIS MOURNERS TO SIT AT A FEAST. Oil was largely used by Orientals upon festive occasions. The oil which makes man’s face to shine was associated with the bread which strengthens man’s heart, and the wine which makes glad the heart of man, (Ps 104:15), because these are the chief provisions of a banquet. Before the feast, or during the entertainment, the guests were refreshed with perfumed oil which would be either poured upon the head, or furnished for anointing the face. It was part and parcel of a great feast.
And what a feast it is! For who is your host? The Lord of life and glory, Himself, ordains “the feast of fat things, of fat things full of marrow, of wines on the lees well-refined.” “The King sits at His table.” It is His table and He sit at it! It is a great thing to dine with a king, but what must it be like to be daily eating bread at the table of the King of kings? Let the joy bells ring in your soul at the very thought, for you are already come to the great feast which the King has made for His Son! 

You are at the feast and should experience Joy what a privilege Christ followers we have.

The Holy Spirit enables us to experience this joy.

The joy from the Holy spirit is  with us daily.

The Joy we share in Christ is most effective in fellowship when we journey with fellow deliverers and share in each others journey. 

A brief summary of a sermon by Charles Spurgeon.


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