Kingdom Ambassadors are sent by the King

As believers we are sent out as Christ's representatives with the message of reconciliation.  We have been commissioned by Jesus himself to preach the Word, to train and teach the saints so that they can grow in their faith and practice. We should live our lives with that uppermost in our thoughts:- "We are Christ's representatives on earth and everything should bring Him."  We need to reflect the light of Christ into this dark world.

We need to be available to be used by God and not be afraid that we will not succeed.  God will work through His Holy Spirit to achieve His purpose through us and we need to be willing to allow him to use us. As believers we have been blessed and we should desire to be a blessing to others and share how others can have this blessing.  We have received forgiveness and we should want others to experience forgiveness as well.

Take your responsibilities seriously and share the gift of life with those you come into contact with.

Here is an example of doing something small to share God's love with those around us.  These senior citizens from connect church have prepared these gift packs to give to news mom's in need to show them  God's Love.


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