David for Justice and human traffiking

John Hamby makes the following statement in a message dealing with Hebrews 11:-

""We live in a society where winning is everything. Everything in our society is success oriented. Even the church has acquired the success syndrome. One religious leader says that what we need is to “think positively,” while another maintains “you just need to claim the wealth that God wants you to have” and yet another declares that “something good is going to happen to you.” All of these ignore the principal that there is a difference between spiritual success and material success. There is a difference between being deemed a success by the world and deemed a success by God.""

Chapter 11 ends with a summary of accomplishments of  many people who have been acknowledge for their faith.  In terms of the statement above we need to see this list as God sees these people that have been listed.  Let's highlight David.  He was a man called after God's own heart and yet he failed many times, making choices that we would not consider successful.  Despite his shortcomings and the many unwise choices he made he is known for standing up for what is right and for taking care of the underdog or downtrodden.  

As Christ followers we need to be looking out for those people around us that need help.  We should not see the needy as an inconvenience but we should see them as a opportunity to show God's love to a dying world. Be intentional about finding folk around you that need help and show them God's love in a practical way even though you may not be acknowledged or receive fame.  God sees and that's what matter. 

Live out your faith practically in the community where God has placed you.



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