Easter the most important event of the year

This morning I assisted my husband by going to pick up something for our school at the church where we minister. I have been  travelling over the last few weeks and have not been at the school for a while, so I popped into one of the classes that I have been involved with mentoring the teacher for a chat with the children. While I have been travelling the class teacher has been sending me pictures of the craft items they have been making for Easter.

After commenting on the craft items I started asking them about Easter and what it means to them and why they were making an egg.  (The children in the class are what we called fragile children they either have a physical or mental development issues.) We started chatting about yellow chicks and what comes out of an egg.  In the class is a little Muslim girl and as I looked at her the Lord reminded me to take the opportunity of sharing the real story of Easter.I told them that the egg reminds us that when we ask Jesus to be our special friend we are made new like a little chick and that's why we eat Easter eggs.   

As I left the class I was so grateful for the Spirits promoting to focus on Christ during my time with the children and my prayer is that the seeds that are being planted everyday in the class by the teacher will grow into real faith. 

 Even though Easter has become so commercialized use the  opportunity to tell the real Story of  Easter. Have a blessed Easter as we celebrate the gift of Eternal given to us by Jesus 


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