Importance of a mentor

As many of you know I have had the privilege of  being with my daughter at birth of her daughter.  Not having had my mother available to assist me at the birth of Emma both Reuben and I felt that this needed to be there.  What an awesome experience.  We have  been so blessed to meet Isla and to see my daughter and son-in-law in action as parents.
Just after she was born my sisters came to celebrate my 50th birthday with me and shared in the experience with us.  They assisted in practical ways and helped show Emma and Willie how to care for Isla as my sister Carol is a Neo-natal nurse. Everyone has left and I stayed behind to continue to assist and it has been a very special time to be here.

Why am am I sharing this and what does this have to do with women's ministry?  This event has been a graphic reminder for me as to the importance of women's ministry.  There are many women in our churches and communities who need someone to work alongside them as they do not have a support
 structure to help in practical and spiritual matters.

As you plan and look to the future seek to find ways to assist women in practical ways  particularly at key moments and crisis in their lives.  Be Jesus vessel and instruments to those women you come into contact with in your everyday life.  Be intentional  to seek opportunities to  assist and consider others continually even if it means that it takes time and costs you personally.

In our country where so many young girls do not have a mother or she is not active involved at all.  As women in the local church we need to be willing to set the Godly example and assist women God brings across our path everyday.  the Titus 2 principle is what we need to be applying.


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