The Journey

Over the last weekend I had an interesting experience on a bus trip back from Durban to King Williams Town.  As I was on this journey I thought there must be a spiritual lesson for me and so I would like to share this lesson with you and maybe it will help you to reflect on your ministry and life and see if you can apply my lesson learnt.

After checking in and boarding the bus I start to feel ill and uncomfortable and by the time the bus was passing Amazimtoti I was looking for a plastic bag I could use because I was not going to be able to make the bathroom at the back of the bus.  While all this was going on the atmosphere in the bus was festive as everyone was listening to the soccer match between Kasier and Pirates.

Everyone was ignoring each other and trying to be sensitive to everyone's space and I was quietly beginning to develop a relationship with the plastic bag and being very grateful that it was on hand. Throughout the trip home I was frequently  ill and everyone on the bus kept on looking the other way ( I was grateful) and nobody stopped to ask if they could help.  Every time the bus stopped I was able to get rid of the evidence and find a new bag for the next part of the journey.

What is the lesson for me as I share this rather unpleasant trip. Well, I started thinking about how many people in our lives and churches are experiencing difficulties or are in trouble and we pretend that everything is fine. We look the other way or simply do not see the signs that someone is in need of help and assistance.
As you travel this week (even in your car) look at people and ask question that will allow you to have access to what's really happening in their lives and to be intentional about assisting them on their journey and do not just focus on your journey.


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