Kingdom Ambassdors serve their King

Authentic servant hood is expressed in sacrificial and exemplary living.

In 1 Corinthians 4:1-21 Paul highlights the fact that genuine Christian living results in having a servant attitude and not a self-exalted view of who they are.

Authentic servants involves faithful stewardship 4:1-5

  • Paul indicated that God expects faithfulness from those who serve him.
  • Authentic servants are faithful to do what God expects.
Authentic servants are faithful to do what God expects 4:6-8.

Authentic servants willingly sacrifice when sacrifice is necessary for the Lord. 4:9-13.

Authentic servants involves parental-like love and concern 4:14-15.

Authentic servants lives exemplary lives 4:16-17.

Authentic servants bear witness to God's power 4;18-21.

Authentic Christian living results in servant hood.  People who meet you must be able to give testimony of your attitude of service in Jesus name.


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