Kingdom Ambassadors remember the King

During the last year the British have celebrated the 60th year of the reign of Queen Elizabeth with parades, TV shows, parties and memorial services.  It should be no different for us as Kingdom Ambassadors we need to set time aside to remember our King.  Every year the remembrance of the events that took place at Easter gives us the followers of Christ an opportunity to celebrate our King. It is important for us to remember that without the events that took place at Easter we would not have reason to celebrate as we would not have the benefits that we receive from death of our King.

  • We would not have spiritual life.
  • We would not have eternal life.
  • We would not have the Spirit living in our life.
  • We would not have the many benefits of being in relationship with him.
That is why we have Easter and all the symbols that remind us to celebrate the gift of Eternal life given to each of those who call Jesus their King.


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