Kingdom Ambassadors live as if they are at home.

Kingdom Ambassadors need to have healthy relationships:-

1. With God
A Kingdom Ambassador needs to be like Mary and sit at the feet of Jesus and seek to know Him more and to grow in our knowledge of him and to let our choices reflect our knowledge of Him.

2. With People 
A Kingdom Ambassador needs to live a humble life with other people and still be an example of a Christ follower.

  • We need to remember that its not about us but about trusting in God to have our best interest at heart. We need to believe His word and the promises and the truth it contains.  
  • We need to live out God's plans and purposes for our lives and not compare ourselves to others who have a different mandate from God.
  • We need to express our new knowledge of God as we relate to our fellow brothers and sisters in the world around us.
  • We need to show Grace to those around us as we have received Grace from God.
  • We need to trust God's guidance and find contentment in my relationship with Jesus and not be discontent with the things I do not have which my neighbour does have. 
  • We need to know that living on earth with other believers and non believers is not easy and so we need to draw our strength from our King.
  • We need to work hard at maintaining our witness in our home to our closest family and friends.
  • We need to accept that at times we are going to be angry but we need to manage our actions in such a way that God is glorified.
  • We need to keep our focus on God and not on the things and situation below that can so easily become discouraged and loose our joy.
  • We need to remember that all my plans, purposes and achievements are only possible because of the abilities and resources God has given us.

" Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted."

 Matt 23:12

We will succeed some days but other days we will not be a good example.  Our should always be set an example of a Kingdom Ambassador but when we do not succeed we  need to ask for forgiveness and ask the Lord to help us to do better the next day.

My family knows that I am not perfect but I still continue to be the best example of a Kingdom Ambassador to them.


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