Unashamed of my Faith

The Women's Department theme for the  year ahead is " Unashamed of my Faith" based on the verse found in Hebrews 11:6:- " And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him."

In spending some time this morning reading up on this verse I realized that many of us know the first part of the verse and quote it regularly but  do not quote the whole verse. Let's look at what the says and how we can apply these principles to how we live our daily lives.

Firstly we need to recognize the existence of God  - Accepting and believing that God exists is an important first step to starting our faith journey, -"without faith it is impossible to please God".  Many people agree that there is a God but do not know him.

Secondly, knowing and seeking Him is where many people fail.  Being in a relationship and living out our faith should be more than just the acknowledgement of the fact that God exists.  Once we have acknowledged that He exists then we need to find out about Him.  

As Christian women we have acknowledged his existence and  made a decision to follow Him.  We need to then progress to the second part of the verse which speaks about seeking Him.

Thirdly, seeking Him is the first step of not being ashamed of our Faith.

  • Get to know him by spending time learning about Him.
  • Once you have learnt about Him put it into action by applying what you have learnt.
  • Be intentional about sharing what you have learnt about Him with others you come into contact with.
Fourthly, spend time with other believers and search the Scriptures together so that  you can help each other in improving your Faith journey. 

Fifthly, being intentional about how we live so that He is glorified in our lives and  our choices.  So that we can influence others around us to ask the question "Who is God?"


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