Easter my Favourite Holiday

I love Easter and I would love to tell you why, let me list the reasons for you.

1.  Easter  serves to remind me that Jesus loved me and died for me and because of that I can spend eternity with him.

2. Easter reminds me not only of my heavenly Father but it also reminds me of my earthly Father.  My Father was a miner and this was one of the holidays that he was home with the family and even though he died while I was still young,  Easter and my memories of my dad go together.

3. Easter reminds me of the many youth camps I attended as a young girl and how many inputted into my life so that I could come to a saving knowledge of JESUS.

4. Easter music is one of the reasons I love this time of year.  Many hymn writers young and old have been able to articulate what I have felt about what Jesus has done for me.

5.  Easter means its time for  hot cross  buns and chocolate Easter eggs.  

6.  Easter weekend a time of reflection as we stop and consider the importance of this gift often with family and friends.

7.  Easter time gives me an opportunity to share my faith with those I come into contact with over the period.  It gives me an opportunity of ministry and time to tell my story about what Jesus has done for me.

As we celebrate Easter this weekend reflect on how you can share your story with those you come into contact with.
God Bless


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