Being Missional

I have just spent the morning preparing for taking a group on a missions trip, planning for Kimberly Sowell's trip to visit here in South Africa (which we are all excited about) and ensuring that she has a varied experience in our country to share about Christ and listening to a presentation on how to do Missional mentoring by Stephanie Shott.  (which was very helpful check it out on Jennifer Rothschild site) So my morning has been focused on missions in some form or the other.

How do we live out our faith so that others can enter into a relationship with the Lord Jesus in a world which is no longer feels the need of such a relationship. In Christian circles being missional is a key word but what does it mean when it comes to women's ministry.

After looking up what many different people have said with regards to being missional I felt comfortable with the following definition  by Alan Hirsch in Christianity Today :- "A missional community sees the mission as both its originating impulse and its organizing principle. A missional community is patterned after what God has done in Jesus Christ. In the incarnation God sent his Son. Similarly, to be missional means to be sent into the world; we do not expect people to come to us. "

What this simply means for us as women is to reach out to people who are not coming to us and creating opportunities in which we can present women with the truth of who Jesus is and what he does for us and why we need this relationship.  It's important for us to get an eternal perspective instead of and earthly focus.


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